What is a fixed odds bet?
Fixed odds betting is wagering on the outcome of an event, where the pay-out is based on the odds at the time the bet is taken and cannot change like in a spread bet. At TopBet we create markets on various aspects of sporting events and set odds according to what we believe the chance of each outcomes success will be. What you win depends on the stake you choose multiplied by the odds. What you loose is the stake wagered and nothing more.

What is maximum liability?
The maximum liability for a market is the maximum amount that may be won on a betting market. After this limit is reached the market will be adjusted to allow further betting but the prices may or may not be changed due to the demand for that selection. The limit is set so better risk management can be implemented.

What is a customer limit?
A limit is set on each betting account to ensure the risk associated with each client is reasonable. This limit only serves to ensure better risk management and may be adjusted should the client want a bigger bet. The limits can be viewed in our terms and conditions.

What is a stop loss?
This is the maximum that can be won or lost on a spread market and is set to different limits for different markets.

What is an In-Play bet?
When a match starts, betting may be offered while the match is on. The prices will change according to the way the game is going.

I’m trying to take a bet In-play but the market says suspended?
The market may become suspended temporarily when the match reaches moments of increased volatility For example: In soccer when a team has been awarded a penalty in the box the market will be suspended pending a goal or no goal. In cricket when the umpire goes upstairs to the 3rd umpire and we are awaiting a decision betting will be suspended until a decision is made.

I was trying to take a bet on a market in-play and the price changed? During a match the price of a selection will change every time that selection’s chances of winning change. We cannot guarantee the price will stay the same for say 10min. For example: In cricket every time a batsman scores runs his spread will move to reflect this change. Sometimes a game is won or lost in a matter of a few minutes because a big break through may have occurred.

I have placed a multiple bet and one of my selections is a non-runner/scratched what happens to my bet?
Your bet will still stand but for instance If you have a multiple of say 5 selections and 1 selection becomes a non-runner then the multiple will be recalculated excluding that selection and become a bet of 4 selections.